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Alternative Dispute Resolution | Arbitration | Mediation

We provide binding and non-binding arbitration and mediation services for workers’ compensation, employment, business, and negligence matters. Such alternative dispute resolution can offer a satisfactory cost alternative to litigation.

Appeals in State and Federal Courts

We provide full appellate services to our clients in State and Federal courts.

Civil Litigation in State and Federal Courts

We represent clients in Oregon courts and in Federal courts in regard to civil disputes.

Employment Law

We provide solid advice to employers to prevent problems from occurring in the areas of discrimination, accommodation, sexual orientation, ADA, wage and hour, and FMLA challenges. When litigation arises, we provide an aggressive defense in State and Federal courts.

Employment Tax

We defend employers before the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) in regard to Oregon Employment Department tax assessments.

Liability Defense

We offer liability defense advice and services to clients in Oregon.

Non-Complying Employers

We represent employers before the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) and the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board in defense of non-compliance orders and in regard to objections to injury claims. In the process, we counsel and assist employers in regard to penalty and collection efforts by DCBS.


We represent employers who have been cited for workplace safety violations and assessed with penalties.

Premium Audits

We represent employers in premium audit appeals before the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) and the Office of Administrative Hearings. These cases include independent contractor versus employee status, NCCI code classification challenges, experience modification (e-mod) adjustments, and payroll reporting inclusions/exclusions.

Third-Party Lien Recovery

We represent clients in State courts and in Federal courts regarding third-party cases. We monitor and/or pursue recoveries when workers’ compensation benefits have been paid but a third-party is responsible for the injury.

Worker Leasing

We provide guidance on worker leasing and temporary service company compliance regarding workers’ compensation coverage for subject workers.

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Employers and insurers may have differing views on when workers’ compensation insurance began and ended. We are experienced in resolving and litigating this often complex issue.

Workers' Compensation Defense

We offer solutions tailored to meet our clients’ particular needs. We help our clients prevent costly litigation and offer on-site workshops to ensure they are equipped with the up-to-date tools necessary to navigate the complexity of workers’ compensation issues in Oregon and Washington. We are easily accessible to answer our clients’ questions. When problems arise, they may be resolved with creative and innovative solutions. However, some cases must be litigated. We are skilled litigators providing our clients with a thorough and aggressive defense through the hearing and appeal process.